Innovation & Digital transformation

"Innovation is a key to continuous improvement and is hiding inside every company, in the creativity and abilities people usually do not express. We have to value our employees, people who carry powerful and disruptive ideas, tools, knowledge and experience which can make the difference. It's not a matter of technology, it's a matter of corporate culture. Processes must put at the centre people and their competences - which will be more and more cross-functional". Francesca Concina, febbraio 2020

Thanks to the partnership with Be-novative, Singularity Labs Company from San Francisco - Silicon Valley, we can support with:

1. Digital Transformation Process

  • Integrate digital at all levels of your company 

  • Building an innovation strategy & roadmap with set goals and action steps

  • Encouragement and reward system to build an innovation community


  • Creativity and co-creation to empower people's relations

  • Design thinking to solve communication problems (internal, external with stakeholders) 

3. HACKATON DAY facilitation 

  • with Design Sprints to ensure ideas are better prototyped and presented with high quality

4. Innovation Program – Innovators’ Club

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In October 2020 we held a workshop together with Be-novative and other international experts such as Eric Schwartzman, Marques Ogden, Marianna Vintiadis, Diana N. Pereira. On our Blog several articles about their contributions.

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