"It's time companies start investing to build a crisis management corporate culture. They must create vertical teams with people coming from different departments, and train those employees continuously in an engagement way (e.g. design thinking). They must be ready to collaborate and support one each other in every situation, also the most unexpected and extreme" Francesca Concina, January 2020

The best way to survive to a crisis is to be prepared.

These are the main areas we can help:

1. CRISIS PREPAREDNESS - Before the crisis hit

  • Audit, Scenario

  • Planning, Training, Simulations

  • C-level training, Group simulations

  • Media training for spokesperson

  • Social media crisis communication training

2. CRISIS RESPONSE - During the crisis

  • Reputation management

  • Crisis Communication

  • Social media crisis management 

3. CRISIS ADVICE - After the crisis

  • Communication support during the recovery phase

  • Assess and Analysis 

  • Developing of new tools&tactics (1.)

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