Code of Ethics.



The Code of Ethics defines the fundamental values and principles that guide Inspiring People Relations Srls (IPR Srls) and its activities. 

It also defines the ethical principles and rules to prevent crimes, as written in the legislative decree 231/2001 (crime prevention).




The following rules applied to all the employees, collaborators, and consultants of IPR Srls, and any other external collaborators at any time at all levels who are working for IPR Srls. 

Under no circumstances the claim to act in pursuit of an interest or an advantage for IPR Srls justify the adoption of behaviors in contrast with the rules set out in this document.


The compliance with the rules of the Code must be considered an essential part of the contractual obligations for the employees of IPR Srls for the effects of the provisions of art. 2104 of the Italian Civil Code.




The Code of Ethics is available on the website both in Italian and English:

Any employee, collaborator, and consultant will have to fill out a “Statement of Acknowledgment” (ATTACHMENT A) while signing the contract.






As written in the Italian Consitution, and in most of the International Treatments, the respect of Human Rights are an essential cornerstone of any form of society. IPR Srls is strongly defending these rights, repudiating any form of discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, language, religious and political belief, and social and personal conditions.


2. Health and Safety


IPR Srls will ensure safe working conditions to its employees while guaranteeing their health, physical, and moral dignity. The working environment, both in presence and smart-working, is characterized by the harmony between human beings. 


3. Sustainability and CSR


Social and Environmental Sustainability is an integral part of the culture and the business strategy of IPR Srls. We are aimed to inspire people relations through innovative, healthy, and good principles which could create a better environment where to live and work as companies and human beings. We are inspired by the objectives of dell’Agenda 2030 World Bank (People Peace Prosperity) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

4. Legality, Integrity, Transparency 


The respect of legality is a founding principle of this Code of Ethics. IPR Srls follows meticulously the national and international laws in any of the Country it works. Any financial operation it must be authorized, verified, legitimated, and be coherent with the IPR Srls business plan.


5. Fight Against Corruption


IPR Srls refuses corruption, whether active or passive, as an instrument for conducting its business in the public or private sector. We do not accept behaviors where a person proposes or accepts, directly or through intermediaries, money, gifts, promises, or in any case obtains an advantage of any other kind or to perform, omit or delay an act falling within the scope of its functions.

Are prohibited all kind of gifts or benefits (offered or received) to obtain an advantage for themselves or in favor of the company. The only gratuity admitted are those considered “commercial and courtesy practices” on the occasion of particular recurrences according to customs, and in any case on the condition that concern goods of modest value. Similarly, the hospitality and invitations to events or travel gifts cannot be proposed or accepted, except within the limits of normal commercial and courtesy relations. The only forms of gratuity granted are those in favor of non-profit organizations, as certified at point 6.


6. No-profit donation and Sponsorization


IPR Srls can make donations (donations without compensation) in favor of charitable organizations to support non-profit projects. Furthermore, IPR Srls grants sponsorships for study and research initiatives, consistent with corporate values and with this Code of Ethics. Sponsorships must not contain political or trade union propaganda messages.


7. Fight Against Conflict of Interest


IPR Srls does not allow that its employees and collaborators are involved in relationships that can lead to conflicts of interest with their role in the organization, even for a limited period (e.g. during a project). This applies both if an employee or collaborator pursues an objective different from the one of the company than that he/she personally benefits from business opportunities; and if the representatives of customers or suppliers, or the Public Administration, act contrary to the fiduciary duties related to their position. 


If an administrator, employee, or collaborator is in a situation of conflict of interest for an IPR Srls project (i.e. interests, self-assessment, familiarity, intimidation) he/she must advise immediately his/her superior. 


8. Relationship with Public Administration


Relations with the Public Administration must be based on maximum transparency and fairness. 

IPR Srls must maintain the necessary relationships, in compliance with the roles and functions attributed under the law, as well as in the spirit of maximum collaboration with the state administrations, in Italy or other countries.

Relations with officials of public institutions must be limited to the body structures in charge and regularly authorized in compliance with the strictest compliance with the provisions of law and regulations and must in no way compromise the integrity and reputation of IPR Srls.


9. Relationship with the Media


Relations with media are characterized by fairness, a spirit of collaboration, and respect for the right to information. No collaborator is allowed to release to journalists or other media, even if contacted, statements or communications regarding IPR Srls unless previously authorized by the company.


10. The behavior of the Employees 


All the people working for IPR Srls, in the exercise of their work, must maintain conduct that is strictly following the laws and all other regulations in force in the countries in which he/she operates, as well as being consistent with company Ethic. The information acquired during the work activity must remain confidential, be used exclusively for the exercise of the business and managed in such a way to guarantee the integrity and security, and in no way should them be used to make profits, private interests, or in any case utility and benefits.


11. Intellectual Property


IPR Srls, and all its collaborators, protects all forms of intellectual property whether it is copyright, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, or other intangible assets.


12. Privacy and Data


IPR Srls ensures the confidentiality of the information, as per the Privacy Policy available on the website and as per the data processing legislation, and will not use confidential information for purposes not connected with the exercise of its activities.




1. Communication and Information 


IPR Srls adopts adequate initiatives to spread the knowledge of the Code of Ethics to all its employees, collaborators, suppliers, and stakeholders.


2. Communication Channels


IPR Srls ensures to all its stakeholders adequate communication channels to receive reports of any violations and observations about the application of the Code of Ethics. In this regard, IPR Srls provides a whistleblowing reporting tool, which allows us to communicate alleged violations perpetrated by internal staff, collaborators, and business partners.


That behavior must be reported to the mailing address: or (also anonymously) to IPR Srls Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 16 | 20129 Milano.


The violation of the rules of the Code of Ethics constitutes a breach of the contractual obligations for administrators, employees, collaborators, and consultants, with every consequence foreseen by the law, including the termination of the contract and the compensation for damages.



Milan, June 15th 2020